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Focus PAG A150

Tech Data

Product Description
Focus PAG A150 is a polyalkylene glycol base, extreme pressure additive for use in water reducible synthetic metalworking fluids.  Designed primarily to machine nonferrous metals, it also can be used for machining ferrous metals.   Focus PAG A150 provides extreme pressure lubrication but does not contain chlorine, sulfur or phosphorous.

Focus PAG A150 is completely soluble in water up to 1,000 ppm and is non-foaming.  It imparts mild corrosion protection, but additional
corrosion inhibitors -- such as Focus RP-10, RP-RZ8or RP-25C -- are required to formulate finished synthetic metalworking fluids.  Focus PAG A150 does not contain biocides or defoamers. 

For nonferrous machining, suggested concentrations in the diluted finished fluid range from 3.0% to 7.0%, depending on the machining operation.  Lower treat rates are suggested for ferrous applications.