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Focus PA-BX

Tech Data

Focus PA-BX is designed to boost performance and enhance finish in severe metalworking applications.  It is oil-soluble, and soluble in PAO base stocks.  Focus PA-BX is a fully saturated branched-chain fatty acid ester, which offers the highest level of hydrolytic, oxidative and biostability properties. Focus Ester PA-BX can be used as a chlorine EP replacement or to significantly reduce the amount of chlorine needed.


Focus Ester PA-BX is formulated into emulsion systems like soluble oils, semi-synthetic, synthetic, drawing and stamping and other water-dilutable fluids that provide exceptional lubricity. Treatment levels of 1% to 15% into the concentrate are suggested. Focus Ester PA-BX can be used in straight cutting oil and industrial lubricant oil applications in combination with or without low amounts of sulfur and phosphorus, depending upon the severity of the operation.


  • Soluble in PAO base stocks
  • Excellent thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability
  • Ashless: will not cause staining
  • Light in color with no odor
  • High degree of saturation 
  • Replaces or reduces chlorine needed
  • Offers dual purpose capability for cutting and hydraulics