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Focus Ester PA 50

Tech Data

Low Cost Polymerized Branched-Chain Fatty Ester

Focus Ester PA 50 is a synthetic polymerized ester designed to boost performance and enhance finish in severe metalworking applications. Focus Ester PA 50 has a molecular weight that gives it a perfect structure to replace chlorinated paraffins. Focus Ester PA 50 is a branched-chain fatty acid, which offers the highest level of oxidative and biostability properties. In addition to replacing chlorine, Focus Ester PA 50 can be used to replace or reduce treat levels of all other boundary and EP additives, like phosphorous, sulfur, lard oil, blown oil and other fatty friction modifiers.


Focus Ester PA 50 is formulated into emulsion systems like soluble oils, semi-synthetic, synthetic and other water- dilutable fluids that provide exceptional lubricity. Treatment levels of 1% to 8% into the concentrate are suggested. Focus Ester PA 50 is based on tall oil fatty acid, which contains a higher unsaturation level. Therefore, Focus Ester PA 50 is not recommended for neat oil or drawing and stamping applications. Focus Ester PA 50 will replace chlorine, inactive sulfur, blow oil, lard oil and other friction modifiers.


  • Light in color with no odor
  • Replaces all fats and fatty compounds, reducing biological attack
  • Provides exceptional lubricity
  • Secondary emulsification