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Focus Ester 603

Tech Data

Focus Ester 603 is a vegetable-based polymerized ester designed to boost performance and enhance finish in severe metalworking applications, especially aluminum applications and drawing and stamping. Focus Ester 603 is a unique medium molecular weight ester designed to offer the highest lubricity and film strength. Focus Ester 603 is a branched-chain ester, which offers the highest level of hydrolytic, oxidative and biostability properties. Focus Ester 603 can replace or enhance traditional fats, esters and extreme pressure friction modifiers.


  • Machining coolants in combination with amide or EO/PO chemistry
  • Additional anti-corrosion and lubrication properties to any water-dilutable fluid
  • Water-dilutable drawing and stamping fluids
  • Micro-emulsions
  • Treat levels of 1% -15% in the concentrate are suggested


  • Excellent thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability
  • Ashless: will not cause staining
  • Light in color with no odor
  • Replaces all fats and fatty compounds, reducing biological attack