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Focus Polysurf™ Semi Base 25

Tech Data

Focus Polysurf™ Semi Base 25 produces an excellent general purpose semi-synthetic fluid when diluted with water by the formulator. Focus Polysurf™ Semi Base 25 has exceptional wetting properties and is formulated with corrosion inhibitor and lubricity additives. It is designed to be diluted at a ratio of 30/40% base to 70/60% low hardness water. Focus Polysurf™ Semi Base 25 does not contain biocides, but it is compatible with most standard biocides. Depending on the biocide, a slight adjustment with oleic acid may be required.

To formulate heavy-duty semi-synthetic fluids, add 3% to 5% Focus PA 125 or Focus OE 1505 to the concentrate prior to the addition of water. A small addition of amine or oleic acid may be required to stabilize the finished fluid.

Focus Polysurf™ Semi Base 25 can be used to formulate soluble oils by adding 15% base to naphthenic base stocks. Slight adjustments may be needed with either amine or oleic acid to stabilize the emulsion.


  • Excellent rust protection and lubrication 
  •  Designed for ferrous and non-ferrous operations 
  •  Can be used for most machining operations 
  •  Does not contain chlorine, phosphorous or sulfur