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Focus Ester PE 1850

Tech Data

Focus Ester PE 1850 is a free acid, water-insoluble polyalkylene glycol phosphate ester. When neutralized with water-soluble amines or
metal hydroxides, Focus Ester PE 1850 is an effective emulsifier and coupler for water-based metalworking fluids.In synthetic fluids, water-insoluble polyalkylene glycols can be emulsified using this product when neutralized. Focus Ester PE 1850 also functions as an extreme pressure additive.


  • Semi-synthetic and synthetic cutting and grinding fluids
  • Semi-synthetic and synthetic drawing and stamping fluids
  • Treat levels of 0.5% to 8%, depending on the severity of the machining operation
  • Emulsifier/coupler for water-based metalworking fluids
  • Extreme pressure characteristics