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Focus Base PS 12

Tech Data

Focus Base PS 12 is a cost effective, soluble oil emulsifier base package designed for use in both naphthenic and
paraffinic oils. It can be used to formulate both soluble oils and semi-synthetic metalworking fluids. Focus Base PS 12
is formulated with a sodium sulfonate/succinic anhydride primary emulsion system and gives improved hard water
stability and good rust protection with cleanliness. It assists in the prevention of soap and sludge build-up in sumps,
reducing corrosion and microbiological problems.

Performance Features

  • Treat rates of 12% to 15% are suggested to make soluble oils, depending on the strength of the emulsion needed.
  • When formulated with Focus Amide 5, Focus Ester OE 1505 and coupling aids, high/low oil semi-synthetic fluids can be formulated.
  • Soluble oils using Focus Base PS 12 will readily accept chlorine-based additives.
  • Chlorine/sulfur/phosphorus-free heavy duty, high performance soluble oils can be formulated with the addition Focus Ester PA 50, Focus Ester PA 117 or Focus Ester PA 125.