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Focus Base P-20

Tech Data

Focus Base P-20 is an emulsifier base with a branched succinic acid (Focus P-60) as the primary emulsifier in place of natural and synthetic sodium sulfonate. It is designed for use in both paraffinic and naphthenic base oils.


Focus Base P-20 is designed for use at a 15% to 20% treat level in base stocks. Suggested dilution rates of 2% to 10% in the finished fluid are recommended, depending on the machining operation.


Soluble oils and semi-synthetic fluids formulated with Focus Base P-20:
  • Have improved hard water stability
  • Are less susceptible to bacterial growth
  • Can be waste treated by the conventional acid/alum process
  • Do not contain sulfur
The succinic acid (Focus P-60) upon which Focus Base P-20 as a dispersant in the emulsion system, assisting in prevention of soap and sludge build up in the sumps and reducing corrosion and microbiological problems.