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Focus Amide 5

Tech Data

Diisopropyl Alkanolamide

  • Oil-soluble, water-dispersible alkanolamide 
  • Enhances rust protection and is an excellent primary or secondary emulsifier 
  • Ideal choice for adding lubricity or micro-emulsions 
  • Can also be used in formulating emulsion cleaners 
  • Reaction product of DIPA and tall oil fatty acid with excellent hard water stability and minimum soap content     


  • Water-dilutable machining and grinding coolants 
  •  Water-dilutable drawing and stamping fluids 
  •  Coolants for heavy duty broaching, tapping and drilling     


  •  Hard water-stable 
  •  Enhanced rust protection 
  •  Tighten emulsions 
  •  Enhanced lubrication