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Focus RP 45C

Tech Data

Focus RP 45C is a low foaming, water-soluble corrosion inhibitor for use on cast iron and steel alloys. It has exceptional hard water stability, is based on organic acids and is neutralized with amines. Designed for use in water­ based synthetic metalworking fluids, water-based hydraulic fluids and cleaners, Focus RP 45C is compatible with most synthetic water-based metalworking additives, like polyalkylene glycols, surfactants, pH builders, etc.

Treat rates of Focus RP 45C in finished synthetic fluids range from 10%to 20%, depending on the particular machining operations and dilution rates of the finished fluid in water. Focus RP 45C is used for short term storage after machining of the parts. Finale application of Focus RP 45C ranges from 0.5% to 1.0%, depending on the length of storage and the storage environment of the machined part. When the water evaporates, a thin liquid film remains, providing rust protection to ferrous metals. The finished fluids must have a pH above 8.0.


  • Soft film, easily washed off
  • Excellent hard water stability
  • Bums off cleanly for high temperature processing operations
  • Soluble in water, water-soluble alcohols and glycols
  • Biodegradable
  • Low foaming
  • Boron-free