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Focus InhibitR AL

Tech Data

Focus InhibitR AL is a multifunctional phosphate designed for use in water-reducible metalworking fluids.  This additive provides excellent corrosion inhibition properties when machining aluminum alloys.  It can also deliver outstanding EP properties to improve a fluid’s lubrication performance.

Focus InhibitR AL is designed to be used in soluble oil, semi-synthetic, and synthetic metalworking fluids.  Recommended treat rates of Focus InhibitR AL in finished fluid concentrates range from 0.5% to 3%, depending on the particular machining operation, fluid type, pH of fluid, and dilution rates of the finished fluid in water. This additive is supplied in an acid form that may need to be neutralized or used in combination with a coupling agent for use in some semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking fluids.


  • Excellent stain inhibition properties on a wide range of aluminum alloys
  • Outstanding EP properties
  • Effective in a variety of types of water-based metalworking formulations