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Focus RP RZ8

Tech Data

Focus Additive RP RZ8 is a very cost effective water-soluble corrosion inhibitor additive designed to impart temporary rust protection for ferrous and non-ferrous applications. It does not contribute to discoloration on the surface of non-ferrous metals.  It imparts lubrication properties when used at higher concentrations.  It is designed to have a relatively low pH and high acid content, which provides the ability to formulate fluid concentrates with a variety of alkaline sources.  Focus Additive RP RZ8 is non-foaming and has excellent stability in hard water up to 1500 ppm hardness.

Focus Additive RP RZ8 gives rust protection when water evaporates.  The thin liquid film that remains provides rust protection to ferrous surfaces, even under high humidity conditions. This film can easily be removed by rinsing with water. It also burns off cleanly in high temperature processing operations.

Focus Additive RP RZ8 is composed of a mixture of organic acid salts, is DEA free and can be waste treated by adjusting the pH below the methyl orange end point.


Focus Additive RP RZ8 can be used in synthetic and semi-synthetic metalworking fluid formulations, water/glycol or other water-based hydraulic fluids, hard surface cleaners and forming and drawing compounds. Suggested treatment level for end use is as low as 0.1%, depending on the end use product application and pH of the fluid.